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The Institute of Advanced Cannabis Technology & Education (IACTED) is striving to become the premier education facility for the medical marijuana industry in New York State to benefit patients, physicians, cultivators & dispensaries including their workforces, caregivers and ancillary business participants.

IACTED is dedicated to providing academic excellence and certification for the interconnected educational requirements throughout the medical marijuana industry in accordance with the laws of the State of New York and the New York Department of Health. IACTED prepares its students for professional opportunities in their chosen fields, and also provides basic, scientifically proven knowledge and insight of the cannabis industry for patients and non-medical professionals. Through the guidance of the faculty, theoretical aspects as well as practical and creative applications are addressed in our customized curricula and reinforced by interaction with professionals in medical marijuana industries.

In order to support IACTED’s philosophy its goals are to provide:

  • Curricula and workshops which are based upon and sensitive to industry needs
  • Cultural enrichment, personal development and professional growth for each student
  • A faculty of working professionals who themselves reflect the highest standard of professionalism
  • Opportunities for students to demonstrate and utilize their knowledge, skills and talents
  • A physical environment which is conducive to the students’ educational and creative pursuits

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Founder and CEO - Jeanne-Marie Basile,

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